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Luna Grill Named the Number 5 Fast Casual Concept

May 2017

Luna Grill Named the number 5 Fast Casual Concept at the 2017 “Movers & Shakers” Awards

Earlier this week, Luna Grill was named the number 5 Fast Casual concept in the country at the annual “Movers and Shakers” awards dinner put on by FastCasual magazine at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago.

The annual Fast Casual Top 100 list honors the brands leading the industry in growth and innovation, according to editor Cherryh Candler. “Judges sifted through hundreds and hundreds of nominations to whittle down the list, which is never easy,” she said. “Each winner was clearly differentiated from the other competitors but shared a few similarities.”

For example, most invested heavily in employee training, sourced high-quality ingredients, embraced technology upgrades, strived to live their brand culture and demonstrated a passion for giving back to their communities.

“It is an incredible honor and our whole team is proud to receive such high praise from one of the most respected outlets in our industry,” said Luna Grill co-founder and CEO Sean Pourteymour. “To be ranked so favorably in such a competitive field is a great accomplishment!”

“Our list specifically recognizes brands and leaders for their contributions to the fast casual segment of the restaurant industry, but when it comes to creativity, progressiveness and sheer grit, these are leading the restaurant industry as a whole,” Cansler said.

Rounding out this year’s top five were:

*   Luna Grill

*   BurgerFi

*   Slapfish

*   Eatsa

*   Blaze

You can see the full FastCasual report here.