We’re more than just a restaurant. We are a family. And our family started back in 2004 when Sean & Maria Pourteymour’s passion for feel good, wholesome fare came to life as Luna Grill.

Today we are bringing incredibly fresh Mediterranean cuisine inspired from the heart and kitchen of our family to share with you at our favorite place to enjoy life together, our table.

Eat Real, Fuel Good.

At Luna Grill, We CHEERS to the simple
moments that make life good.


Why Eat Real?

You aren’t just what you eat. You do what you eat. Take in the power of real food for all the goodness you do and are. We serve the most honest, fresh, and preservative free food wherever possible to keep you at your best. Here’s how:

  • Serve many non-GMO items such as our rice, lamb, salmon and grass fed beef.
  • Support locally harvested produce, sustainable farming and local businesses whenever possible.
  • We use project verified, non-GMO oil that is free of trans-fat and soy to make our marinades, dressings and fried items.
  • Use preservative-free, all natural poultry with no added growth hormones.
  • Use antibiotic-free, all natural, free range ground beef and lamb with no added growth hormones.
  • Reduce, eliminate and avoid additives, preservative and other unnecessary ingredients whenever possible to serve pure, real food to fuel our day.
  • We are proudly serving Never, Ever Gyros made with beef and lamb that have only been fed a vegetarian diet and have never been administered hormones or antibiotics.
  • We are committed to serving real food from good ingredients, and that includes protein from animals who were treated with compassion and respect. As such, we are working to find suppliers who share our values and are good partners committed to bettering our food system, including how farm animals are raised.
  • By 2024, we will source only chicken certified by Global Animal Partnership (GAP) and require all chickens to be processed in a manner that avoids live-dumping and live-shackling, and instead utilizes a pre-shackle, multi-step controlled-atmosphere processing system that’s widely hailed as more humane.


Food and beverage options provide health benefits.



Preparation maintains or enhances healthfulness of food.



Food is sourced with a focus on quality, sustainability, and animal welfare standards.



Establishment demonstrates best practices and enables better choices.

Leadership Team

The passion and innovation of Luna Grill’s leaders consistently inspires the entire team.
Learn more about our leading LUNAtics below.

Photo of Sean Pourteymour

Sean Pourteymour

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

“Rock On!” is how this co-founder and CEO of Luna Grill masterminds the company’s vision and goals. He oversees strategic operations and planning, develops and executes capital-raising strategies and manages investor relations.

Sean is a commercial real-estate developer who has built multiple retail-space leasing centers. He is a successful entrepreneur, lease-contract expert and skillful developer of strategic retail partnerships. An avid philanthropist, he supports several local charities and foundations, especially those that benefit youth in the community.

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Photo of Maria Trakas Pourteymour

Maria Trakas Pourteymour

Co-Founder and Chief Cuisine Officer

As creator of the original Luna Grill restaurant in 2004, Maria oversees the implementation of the Luna Grill mission and purpose restaurant-wide: To inspire others to feel good by eating real food, crafted with care. Her responsibilities include culinary research and recipe development, and the establishment of ingredient quality standards and cooking processes to consistently achieve full-freshness and outstanding taste.

Maria worked in her own family’s restaurant for over a decade, where she learned that quality cuisine and the enjoyment of a tasty, nutritious meal in the company of family and good friends, is one of life’s precious delights. As a self-trained chef, her entrepreneurial dream is to develop her culinary concept of fresh, healthier food to it’s fullest potential.

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Photo of Dave Schroeder

Dave Schroeder

Chief Financial Officer

Dave is in charge of all financial, accounting and administrative aspects of Luna Grill. He oversees financial planning and management, accounting and taxation, computer modeling and analysis of financial projections, risk management, human resources policy development and implementation, and general administrative and legal matters.

With over two decades of experience in financial management, Dave has administered revenue budgets in excess of $80 million, secured short and long-term financing to fund projects, and managed business expansion projects and acquisitions.

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Photo of Sean Allameh

Sean Allameh

Chief Operations Officer

Sean oversees all aspects of restaurant growth, including management and culture; field operations and operational efficiency, people systems, financial strength, training and marketing.

With over 27 years covering all aspects of the restaurant operations, human resources, recruiting and training & development, for multiple national brands, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Luna Grill.

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Photo of Bijan Sami

Bijan Sami

Chief Procurement Officer

Bijan is responsible for managing Luna Grill’s global supply-chain operations, continuously developing and improving a top quality and reliable vendor base for all restaurant supplies, establishing top quality ingredient specifications and quality assurance procedures, implementing systems’ interfaces, researching and implementing centralized state-of-the-art point-of-sale and management information systems.

As operations manager of the first Luna Grill store, Bijan has developed management systems and improved food preparation processes to achieve efficiency while maintaining excellent quality and service. He holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering and has worked at several fortune 500 companies. He is also an avid cook who is passionate about Mediterranean and Near East cuisine.

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Photo of Nicole Bushnell

Nicole Bushnell

Vice President of Marketing

Nicole is responsible for leading all facets of marketing for Luna Grill, including brand positioning, communication strategies, advertising, public relations, creative/design, social media, local restaurant marketing and events. Nicole is an executive board member of the California Restaurant Association, San Diego Chapter and comes to Luna Grill with over 15 years of restaurant leadership experience. Nicole is an integral part of the leadership team in driving collaborative efforts, positioning and relevance for the Luna Grill brand. Nicole holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from San Francisco State University in Business and Marketing.

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Photo of Greg Thorburn

Greg Thorburn

Vice President of Real Estate

Greg directs the store development expansion strategy for new restaurant locations across the U.S. which includes market-entry for new markets and expansion in existing markets served. His responsibilities include demographic & psychographic market analysis, competition data analysis, broker management, site selection, lease/purchase negotiations, legal matters, design, construction and asset management across the portfolio.
Greg has spent two decades focused on scaling and expanding high-growth companies across multiple vertical industries including retail, energy and sports & entertainment. His most recent experience derives from his work at Pacific Dental Services, a national operator of dental health practices, where he developed their national strategy for site selection across the country. By developing and integrating a cutting-edge analytics system that combines psychographic, demographic and competition data, he helped identify and open 345+ locations and managed the expansion from 2 to 15 states, spearheading revenue growth from $120 million to over $700 million in a 7 year period. He is a self-described foodie and holds a business degree from the University of Texas.

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