Cornish Hen Signature Plate

Signature Plates

Prices may vary by location.  Please select your location and view the online ordering menu for pricing. 

Any of the items below are also available a la carte or as an add-on to your favorite plate.


Plates include our house salad (150 cals), Basmati rice (360 cals), pita bread (110 cals), cucumber-yogurt dip (30 cals), choice of carrots (100 cals) or grilled tomato garnish (10 cals). (These sides add up to 660 – 750 cals)


Upgrade to Greek Salad  (+60 cals)


Chicken Kabob  All Natural

Succulent pieces of boneless chicken tender (280 cals).


Veggie Kabob  Vegan

Grilled marinated button mushrooms, yellow squash, onion and bell pepper. Served with a side of spicy or regular hummus (180 cals).


Ground Sirloin  All Natural Free Range

Traditional Persian style kabob made with all natural ground beef and seasonings (310 cals).


Never, Ever Gyros

A blend of beef, lamb and traditional near-eastern spices (600 cals).


Mahi Mahi* All Natural

Wild caught, delicately grilled to order (190 cals). *subject to availability


Flat Cut Chicken Kabob  All Natural

Thinly cut pieces of savory chicken (330 cals).


Bistro Filet Beef Kabob  All Natural

Marinated pieces of tender beef skewered with onion and bell pepper (320 cals).


Cornish Hen On The Bone  All Natural

Marinated pieces of tender cornish hen skewered and grilled to perfection (370 cals).


Lamb Tenderloin Kabob  All Natural Free Range

Tender pieces of marinated grass fed lamb (410 cals).


Norwegian Salmon  All Natural

Kosher salmon filet simply seasoned and grilled (290 cals).


Chicken Kabob & Gyros (880 cals)


Chicken Kabob & Ground Sirloin Kabob (590 cals)  All Natural


*Specify no bread, no cheese. Multigrain flatbread contains honey.