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Luna Grill Is Your Neighborhood Kabobery

March 2010

San Diego Union Tribune  |  Written By Wolfgang D. Verkaaik

When I paid my first visit to the Luna Grill in Torrey Hills last year, I sensed that I had stumbled upon something with great potential, and now that sense has been realized.

When I visited their second brand-new location the other day and met with the two owners, I was delighted to learn that Luna Grill is now on its way to a substantial expansion, one that might result in 16 locations throughout the county and Southern California over the next couple of years. The owners – Bijan Sami (COO) and Sean Pourteymour (CEO) – are two young restaurateurs who are taking their fantastic concept to another level.

The Luna Grill Neighborhood Kabobery idea has been five years in the making. Bijan and Sean painstakingly have streamlined and perfected the prototype for five years and are now set, ready to go. Their goal: to revolutionize the quick service food concept with health-oriented foods in the forefront.

“We want Luna Grill to replace your kitchen, featuring health-oriented foods all the time,” said Bijan.

They do that here, big-time. The eatery is spick-and-span clean, contemporary in every way, and also has outdoor seating. When you visit be sure to take today’s coupon offer in this section.

All meats here are grilled on steel skewers that conduct the heat from the center of the meats pushing out the fats while the marinated meats grill on the outside. The flavor and texture profiles are outstanding. Everything on the menu is made fresh on the premises; the primary influences include Mediterranean, some French, some Greek, and some Persian. And it’s delicious!

On the menu, for lunch or dinner, you’ll find starters such as hummus served with lavash or pita, eggplant dip, tabbouleh (a superb version made with chopped parsley, couscous, mint, tomato, onions, cucumbers and herbs in lemon vinaigrette) falafel, spanakopita or the fire roasted tomato with feta. For your main entrée, try the kabobs made with lamb, chicken, gyros, beef tenderloin, falafel, mahi mahi, tiger shrimp, salmon, or vegetarian. You’ll find some good combos such as the combo kabob, or the combo with gyros or falafel with spanakopita. These entrees come with delicious basmati rice, pita bread, cucumber yogurt dip and a fresh green salad.

Also on the menu are delightful wraps and sandwiches (try the salmon or gyros wrap). And I am also giving big thumbs up on their third-pound cheeseburger. Great salads, a kids menu, and baklava for dessert are other attractions.

Find the new Luna Grill in the Mission Valley IKEA Center, 2245 Fenton Pkwy.; (619) 516-5862. The original location is just of the Route 56 freeway, in the Albertson’sCenter, 7825 Highland Village Place; (858) 538-4555.