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Luna Grill In San Diego: Hoorah For The Kabob

April 2010

JustLuxe Magazine  |  Written by Katherine Sutton

San Diego Restaurants: I’ve never heard of a “kabobery,” let along a “neighborhood” one. But Luna Grill, a restaurant with two locations in San Diego, is making “neighborhood kabobery” part of the foodie lexicon. The Near East/Mediterranean fast casual concept showcases a robustly healthy menu of seafood and meat kabobs, fresh Spanakopita, stuffed Gyros wraps, delightful dips and more.

I have a newfound craze for kabobs, I must admit. Tiger Shrimp, flat cut chicken, mahi mahi-any renditions of Luna Grill’s kabobs are meticulously cut, seasoned and grilled from the inside out with ancient techniques Luna Grill has certainly mastered. What’s more, Luna Grill has such staunch regard for healthiness (everything in made fresh daily, grilled, and with no preservatives), that I could very well eat daily Luna Grill. I don’t . . . yet, but I’m sure it’s matter of time before I insist in having kabobery in my neighborhood.